Saturday, September 01, 2007


I'm told that I sound like a lion in my sleep.. Maybe even an angry lion, so ok I snore who doesn't? (my guess is lots of people don't!)
So I went to this doctor to check, because I reached a point where I would wake up gasping for air, and soo tired as if I was running and not sleeping.
So the doctor checked my ear, nose, throat and neck and started writing a short story in my file while we waited .. and waited...

Then he just gave the news, of course he needs a cat scan to make sure but I need to operate .. Ok so bare with me my English is learned mostly from novels so I don't really know the right terms for what I'm going to say. Hmmm first I have a crooked air passage in my nose (does it make sense? ) so the air doesn't go in good I need to fix it. Then the ceiling of my mouth ( I'm just translating exactly what he said in Arabic) is low and needs to be heightened ( I sound like an apartment!) again in the same operation. And you know that little thing dangling in your throat that shows when you scream? (which I feel like doing now) it needs to become smaller because obviously I have a large tongue and a small neck area so air isn't going in properly. ok so add to that the fact that I need to lose TONS of weight (yeah after resisting for a long time I had to weigh there and I was stunned..!)

What does that thing inside the nose area that sometimes they remove from kids? (la7mya) well they need to reduce the size of that too..!

So the bottom line I need operation and weight loss to maybe stop the snoring, otherwise, the doctor says that because I don't get enough oxygen in my sleep I might get bad things eventually like a stroke or something.. Yikes...

But to operate again................. NO WAY!

Inshallah I won't need it. (strange thing is, after returning from the doctor I'm finding it hard to breathe.. The power of the mind..)


moonface1211 said...

سلامات ماتشوفي شر
انشالله ما تحتاجي تسوي العملية

real madrid said...

did you try to take a second opinion?.. please check with another doctor.... you might just need to lose weight... ( sleep apnea mainly is due to over weight)and inshaAllah you wont need an operation..