Saturday, September 08, 2007

My day so far....!

Well first of all I would like to say that it seems that my relationship with the water supply in my house isn't going too well..

It was a little less than a year ago that we were evicted from our previous old house because it got flooded with water while were traveling to Jeddah in Eid.. And now, almost a year later after a full weekend mashallah, it is my baby's first day of kg2.. How time flies, just last night she was a baby in my arms and now, she is almost four going to school... Anyways, it was an exciting idea to both her and me and I woke up early and got ready, then I woke her up and was going to get my iron to prepare her clothes when...

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... Water.. everywhere, like an amusement park with falls and rivers, only I wasn't amused...!!!! OH MY GOD not again.....

you see we have this third floor that is the laundry room, the maids room(which is now the treadmill room) and the roof, with a private stairs and an under stairs area for storage.. and all that is locked behind a door , Thanks to Allah it was..! so when I opened this door.. I found a pond of water and some bad smelling soaking wet baggage , cartons,and vacuum cleaner.. the water running over the stairs and if I wasn't shocked I would've enjoyed the sound of running water. And the wall of the main stairs that is the same wall of the private stairs had a big line stained water which was starting to drip.

So I rushed upstairs to see a bigger pond in the laundry room, and the exercise room , with no place to drain the water except from the bathroom connected to the exercise room...

What to do? I would've liked to cry but I'm a big girl, so I called my mom..!!
While she was on her way ( she was coming anyway to take us to school ) I tried my best to take everything out of the storage area into my poor room, and then tried my best with a mop to soak as much water as I can, and I'm sure you know this is useless.. but I had to do something, my girl was excited about school and asking a million question a minute, and I was half sleeping and in shock.

So when mom came , she came with towels and we just did our best to remove the water from the third floor using everything we could including these towels, we even tried pushing the water to the near bathroom , well the good news is, I have a spotless third floor which I was intending to do weeks ago..!

Just please tell me, is it jut me or my houses are always trying to tell me something??? ( maybe; please clean us more often??)

After that we went to school late but managed to meet some of the girls and the teacher which looks nice mashallah, my girl felt scared seeing all those people and knowing that one day she had to go by herself.. I felt scared too, plus I felt a strong feeling that I want to redecorate her class, maybe have something like the ones that come in Barney or something.. We'll see..

So that's it for today and it's only 11 in the afternoon.. Hope the rest of the day is good.

But you know I'm still thankful this didn't happen while we were traveling again, I'd really hate to move for the fifth time..!

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Redrose said...

ya Allah....again?!