Monday, September 24, 2007


I'm addicted to buying lovely things, in all colors available..!
This time it is ribbons , polka dot ones to be exact (plus a few rik raks).

And here is the story behind this picture

So I looked for polka dot ribbons in many places here and couldn't find, so I looked online and I finally found a place that looked good and the ribbons looked yummy, so I asked my husband to order it for me, and he said maybe until he saw the ribbons.. "This is what you want?? " he said "you can find this any where here..!!"
So I was furious and told him, no you can't and if you think so please show me the places where I can get them right now..!

So it was the after noon and we were supposed to go break our fast with some friends so we had a few hours with nothing to do and he agreed to take me to downtown Khobar.

I was prepared to just tell him "see we didn't find them any where what do you know..!" when to my amazement I found seven different colors, two different shapes, all polka dotted...!
Of course I was to happy to be ashamed of challenging him and losing, after all I just got all I wanted the minute I wanted it and he was just so happy to take me if only to prove himself right..! But he is a darling mashallah, he got me what I was wishing for.
did I mention that I saved me a lot of money not ordering through the net? thanx sweety, I'll get you your Eid gift with the extra money I have now..

So this is a close up look to some of them..

I just love polka dot on everything, and I just love ribbons.


أنجل ايز said...

هههههه من جد فشلة يالله تعيشي وتاكلي غيرها قصدي تتعلمي منها خخخخخ
بس الشرايط روعه ماشالله بس المحل فيه بس شرايط؟
وهو داون تاون اسمه؟ولا وسط الخبر؟

ريال مدريد said...

حلويييين ما شاء الله..... بس فيييين المحل .. قوليييي.... ما في اسرار بين الاخوات!!..