Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm still here

Daily life is taking over, you know how is it in Ramadan, cooking in the afternoon, sleeping very late (or very early since we sleep just before sunrise) and starting school with waking up early and earlier bed time for the little girl.

So we just started her going without me to school in the mornings, my mom picks her up and drops her there on her way to work ( both are very close) . and then depending on how it goes, I might pick her up three hours later. It was going very well with the minimum crying, and I have some free time.. What did I do with it? I spent it catching up with the house work.. And boy do I feel better knowing I'm slowly but surely doing all my chores and having a clean house. (again, slowwwwwly)

My girl didn't go to school today, she was having a start of a cold and I couldn't send her like that, but then I felt terribly and guilty like I used to always feel if I have to skip school for some reason. Her teacher called and said it was better to continue with her daily going to school so she doesn't again feel like she doesn't want to go. I felt more guilty, since all her day at home she looked reasonably good drawing and watching tv.. Maybe tomorrow inshallah I will send her there..

So nothing yet is done regarding Eid gifts, and I have a feeling that I will be going empty handed, not that my family would mind they keep telling me stop bringing gifts to everyone you don't have your own income.. But I can't they all bring pretty things. We'll see inshallah I can manage in the coming 20 days.

So hopefully the next post will contain better things to share, wish all of you happy creative days.

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moonface1211 said...

هههههه بدأنا الغيابات لا احسن تروح عشان لا تتعلت اذا مالها خلق بعدين ما تروح
يالله انشالله تلاقي افكار للهدايا