Friday, September 21, 2007

Going somewhere

Finally I started moving, and have something crafty to share, I just finished two felt bags as part of the long list of my things to do before Eid.

So like I said I made two of these ones that I made before for my summer class , I liked the shapes of them and added more circles and a button for the bag's face.

Here it is being modeled by my assistant..

Plus I had three projects cut and waiting for the assembling which inshallah won't take long.. So pictures soon inshallah.


moonface1211 said...

والله انبسطت انك اتحمست
وفكرة الشنطة وموديلها والوانها مرة حلوين تتنفع من جد هدايا للعيد للبنوتات

CreSSeTs said...

amazing work mashALLAH, i love handy crafts too, i love making cards, all the girly stuff..

nice shots rosy..