Friday, January 26, 2007

Mom's birthday

Was on Thursday, we had a very nice day that started with lunch at Roma ( sadly the restaurant not the city!) then she spend the afternoon with us before we headed to my uncle's house for dinner. She enjoyed her gifts and I was pleased. I gave her a bag/box filled with different thing all with the theme of pamper your self-roses-butterflies stuff. And I helped my daughter to make her a small heart shaped soap with a golden string in the smallest pink paper bag. I got the kit to make these soaps even before I got pregnant with my girl, and for a long time refused to even let her play with it ( I got the kit for me even though it was for little girls because I liked the cuteness of the pink and green molds ) Mom was soo happy with her crafty gift and my girl was happy doing one for her grandma and another for herself, and I was happy for finally using the kit.

I also made mom a bag the shape she likes the most, a rounded sides bag, it got smaller than I wished for but she liked it, maybe moms always like whatever their kids do , because I felt it wasn't very good. But I never really liked things I do anyway.

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Happy Zombie said...

Hi Rosy Pink!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It's how I found you! I just LOVE the little purse you made for your mom. How pretty! I'm sure it was extra special to her because it was made from your heart and your hands... the best kind of gift!

I too like things for little girls, especially Hello Kitty!

Nice to meet you! - Monica