Sunday, January 28, 2007

Crocheting my time away..

For some time now it's been planned that once every week (sometimes more) we would go to my cousin's house with my other cousin and us women would stay together while the 4 kids ( ages 3 and less) would play and the husbands play sony playstation in the other room. It is a great chance for us to talk crafts and kids and homes but with all the kids screaming, and us screaming at them it can gets a bit tense, and I tend to eat and over eat when I'm tense, So I decided to do something else that would take my tension over the noise, crochet. The first time it was only to occupy my hands while I talk with the ladies, so I ended up doing something round and funny looking since I'm no expert and I wasn't following a chart. I finished it when I came back home and it looked like something nice, similar to a hat! so I decided to call it a hat. It is being modeled here by my always-ready-to-help three years old.
Now I'm working on something big! I got the idea from some nice blogs on the net, a rippled blanket. It's addictive and time consuming but really nice, I take it with me everywhere working on it even in the car while waiting for my husband to get something! well maybe I will post a picture once it's done.. If it's done.

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