Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cleaning day..ughh !

Everyone who knows me know how much I HATE cleaning the house.. I know you would say who likes it? but I really hate IT! today I finally forced myself to clean the ground floor. You see we live in a two story house, before that it was an apartment, so I think I'm still not used to the idea of living in two levels. So I keep considering the first floor " our house" and the ground floor the " only- if -there- are- guest,- or- if -I- have- to " floor. It doesn't help that the kitchen is there, I dislike cooking also, mainly because of all the dishes I will have to wash afterwards. I keep my house mostly tidy, I can do that easily. It is well decorated cuz I like doing that myself. I paint, I sew ,I embelish old furniture.. but vacuming and dusting I have a problem with that..But I still do it ofcourse.. But only when I really have to..LOL.

Ok so tonight was our forth night of dominos with my uncle, it's fun having him over every now and then and playing a game that is continous. So far I have the highest score , but you know domino , it's unpredictable. We are using the larger one with a 12 instead of 6 as the highest number, and after a while it gets funny trying to count all the numbers before playing. Games are fun but I don't like them much because I'm a very bad loser.. plus I hate the tension, that's why I never played video games, they make me lose my mind. Except maybe for the chicken crossing the street old atari game which I loved but felt sorry for the chicken.

I just joined photobucket , it's for sharing pictures so I can upload my own pictures and post them here, This is the curtain I've been working on.

So I would like to thank the very nice lady who left me a comment last night, you made my day.. Or night.. And for all the rest of you out there, be as good as she was and leave me something to know I'm not talking to myself.. Well even if I was ,I still like blogging so far.

see ya.

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