Saturday, August 05, 2006

My very first post

This is my very first post, in my first blog. I'm happy and excited , and yet a little bit scared, don't ask why.. I think It's scary thinking that other people will be reading my thoughts and dreams and daily life routine, yet I'm curious to see if there will be anyone who will be interested enough to read about my life. So let the good times begin.. :)

I've been thinking for some time to start my own blg after reading many good ones, and hesitating after reading some not so great ones! but after all It's a matter of opinions, who's to judge what's good and what's not? anyway this blog could become my crafts window to the world after putting my website to sleep a week ago. And it could only be my place to constantly complain about how empty my life is, depends on the moos I'm in, usually i'm in a crappy mood despite the title rosy pink dreams. I guess the rosiness of my dreams lessend alot after getting over 23 , and starting to live in the real world with the real responsibilities, after living so long with the motto ( It's all about me!)

well I think if you are still reading you will discover I am somewhat complicated, part kid and part old lady.. very old one. so that's all for now, I'll write when I feel like Writing, this could mean more than once a day, or once a month, again depending on my moods..

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