Tuesday, August 29, 2006

colors colors everywhere

Hi.. my mood is still way down.. actualy it's more swinging than staying in one place, sometimes up ( for a short time only ) and mostly down, dunno why I can't find a reason for it everything is great 7amdillah, and I'm even making crafty things which always help me stay in reasonably good mood.. Well maybe it's hormones or maybe I'm missing something.
Anyway, last week I went and got me a set of 10 dessert plates and a platter, all for 200 ryals! (about 50 dollars ) which is way more than I would normaly pay for this little number of plates. But I just fell in love with them I couldn't resist. The only reason that made me resist in the first place is that we don't entertain at home so it will be a waste to buy things and never use them. But who knows I might change, plus I already used the platter for some yummy colorfull cupcakes. My husband and daughter loves eating the sprinkles so much, I love the look of them together on my new plate.
It's still very hot and humis here and today I called my dad and he told me he sold the house in the UK.. I felt sad cuz I went there many times and I loved it, I wished I could say bye, well they are buying another one so I can say hello to that, oh how I wish I can go back to England again, I miss the shopping and the cold rainy weather. I miss travelling.. I miss seeing the world, I miss being 20 and carefree with no responsibility..!

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