Sunday, August 20, 2006


My table is finished.. wooopi I'm happy, it took me alot of time to do it, and alot of burned fingers from the glue gun but it's all done now and I kind of like what it looks like.. Well I won't be doing another one ever again and maybe it won't last for a long time, but for now I like it. It works well with the rest of the room which I've been working on since we moved in here a year and a half ago , slowly but surely the room is almost complete.

I feel bored!!!!!!! I know I shouldn't with all the good things I have and the nice things I do, but I am. I feel I have nothing interesting happening in my life, I miss travelling and seeing the world, I miss having friends and doing stuff with them, I don't have anything that motivates me to live.. Don't get me wrong I'm not suicidal, I meant living as in enjoying life and wanting to wake up every morning because there is something I'm looking forward to. I need help.

Every one I know keep telling me I need a job and my daughter need kindergarten.. Maybe we do, but after almost 6 years of staying at home doing nothing the idea seems scary. Well maybe one day soon I will be able to jump into something intersting and amazing that will make me feel " wow I'm glad I'm alive..! " till then, see ya.

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