Sunday, August 13, 2006

Good news to me !

I had some good news today, I had a web site maybe 3 years ago that I stopped updating right after I had my daughter, and because of some technical problems my husband decided it's best to close it. I understood his reasons , plus I stopped going there for a long time, but today he was checking it to see if it's down already or not and found out I had many visitors to my site from all over the world! He then said it's not a good idea to retire the site, and after some phone calls with a friend of his he was able to find a new host that is -hopefuly- more reliable. So my site will still be running..! Hooray..! well I might not update it anymore since I have the blog now, but it's still a hard work to let go easily. So if anyone wants to check it out it's :

So another thing, these last days I've been reading a lot of blogs, first they were scrapping blogs, but now I discovered some blogs about sewing, crocheting and many nice things with tons of great colorful pictures.. And if there was anything I just love it would be colors, and pictures.. They even made me want to sew something, maybe that's why I decided on the eye mask project..

well that's it for now, see ya.

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