Sunday, August 27, 2006

A baby..!

Who had a baby? my bag did..! she had a small baby bag made specialy for my daughter who kept playing with my bag so I decided to make one for her so she would stop playing with mine.. And boy did she like it..! she is proudly carrying it everywhere in the house stuffing it with small toys and pretending to go out wih it. Well I can't wait to go out with her with our matching bags.
Another news.. after trying all day yesterday to collect any bravery I have to feel excited about the makeup course, my husband took me there, but we spent an hour looking for the place and couldn't find it. The lady who I called gave me wrong direction and I tried calling her from the car she wouldn't answer ..! what a waste of energy.. but maybe it wasn't meant to be. Who knows maybe something better is waiting for me.

Oh and something else.. last night my cousin called and told me that my daughter's picture was on one of the newspaper she reads.. Apparently they took the picture from my web site ( as a matter of fact this particular picture is every where now cuz everyone love it so much they keep distributing it to any one they know, I took this picture as a greeting card for one of Ramadans) the picture is now accompanying some sort of article in the newspaper.. I wish I can sue them for copyrights but she looks soo cute in there mashallah. If you are interested is seeing the picture go to the main page of my site.
She was a year old in this picture and it took me about 8 pictures to get this cute one.. she is holding the Quran .

Well that's all for now, have a nice day.

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