Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Crafty day

Today I had a very productive day.. first I finished gluing All the mosaic tiles on my table, it turned out very nice but still had some work to do before it's finished completely.

Then I started ( and finished one of the 8 eye masks I have to do and also it looks really nice. But still need some changes before I'm satisfied with the results.

Most importantly, I got really influensed by the blogs I've been readin ( here is an example of one of them if you are interested) and I already got fed up with my ugly , burned in places , mustard yellow iron board cover, So yesterday I baught a simple pink and white checked fabric and today I removed the old cover and replaced it with the pink fabric,sewing and hot gluing it to the metal board.. But the result is really good, now I almost feel like I like ironing..! All I need now is a pink iron like the one my daughter has.. :)

I think you can tell that pink is my most favourite color in the whole wide world, I'm turning everything I use into pink. The onther day I was surfing the net looking for some ideas for gifts when I came into the most adorable thing, a pink tool box.. how cute is that? I really want one since I like to use the tools all the time. plus I found a whole bunch of kitchen utensils and cooking pots and pans all in pink.. oh I really want all of them.. well maybe one day.
Till then, have a pink colored day , or dreams..

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