Friday, August 18, 2006

I can't believe it!

I can't believe how fast time runs, it feels like an hour ago I was posting here about the weekend, and here we are, another weekend.! scary..
Nothing much happened these last few days, reading blogs have taken all over my free time, I'm hooked! there are many nice things on the net to read and know about the world around us and what's happening in it ( and I'm not talking about serious stuff , only beautiful crafty cutesy stuff) I discovered that there are hundreds of pink objects all over the world! I found pink cooking gear, pink vacums and hair dryers and irons, pink BBQ grills , tvs and telephones..! God I want them all..I dream oh having a Barbie doll -like house all in pink to live in. I think that would be very interesting.. Maybe one day I can open an all-pink store where I can sell all the pink stuff I love.
Well I haven't finish much of my crafts but I re- arranged my craft room and for the whole day everytime I walk into my room I feel like I've been robbed! alot of new empty spaces I'm not yet used to it..!
Hopefuly next week will be more productive.. have a nice week.

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