Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A new day

I just started and already i skipped a day.. yesterday I was making our living room's curtain, by hand since I don't have a sewing machine..! It was a tiring job but also it was a simple yet stylish curtain. The funny thing is that it's hanging on a shower curtain rod instead of a regular curtain one so I'm enjoying my creation until it falls down or someone pulls it accidently, maybe then i will drill the walls and hang a good rod.

I just baught a new crystalbrite 19 inch new monitor ! actually it's kind of an early Eid gift from mom which i picked and already used.. wow what a difference a 4 inch upgrade makes.. I can actually see everything! And now I can work more on my scrapbooking without complaining about how hard it is to notice the details of the papers or ribbons. Not that it stopped me from scrapping.

So if you are reading my blog from the KSA you probably can't see the picture i loaded on my first post, since the site where pictures are uploaded from this blog is blocked for a reason I can't get, I'm still trying to figure out a way to upload pictures and post them here from an unblocked site, wish me luck I'm so new at this. in this post I'll try something else that might work, if it doesn't well I'll keep trying, don't give up hope on me ( notice the confidence I have that some one is actually reading my blog !!!)

So I have a request, if anyone out there is reading this even if by mistake, would you please leave me a comment so i can know? I will be forever gratefull.. :)

So that's all for now i guess.. see ya.

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