Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First time

Today I made my first dress for my daughter.. It all started yesterday when we went shopping with mom, I was in a very bad mood and she thought shopping for fabric and sewing material will lift my mood up, and she was very right..! I LOVE color.. and seeing those raws of colorful fabrics and their great prices was all I needed to feel better. I got a few for myself and two for my daughter with strawberries and whinnie the pooh on them, it was soo cute how my girl kept carrying the small plastic bag with her fabrics in them all around, and today the first thing she did when she woke up was nagging me about the fabric " when are you going to make me the dress mom?? start now mom..!!" And that I did. I started the thing and finished it in five hours with lunch in between. It's a very simple pattern and I loved the felt strawberry on the front. Well it will be a play-in dress and I just hope it won't be ruined after it's first wash since I am -not- a very good dress maker..
Anyway it was fun to make.. next step will be the patchwork purse I saw on one of the blogs I like..

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