Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finger pricks..

Been doing a lot of that lately.. My fingers hurts :S

Thank god on everything.
Just started medication and weirdly they are making me sick in other ways..
I think everything is hard in the beginning.

I need to craft..!
I need to travel..!
I need to have fun..!

The good news is , I still don't feel like I need to have chocolates :P 7amdilla

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Anonymous said...

كويس حمد لله شوفي الجانب الايجابي مدام انك لسه مومشتهية الحلى فدا شي حلو يساعدك على التخفيف بدون ماتتضايقي:x
أنا ملاك خخخخخ