Monday, August 09, 2010

Wow....! lohooooooooon time since my last post :S

yup, a very long time, lot's of things happening in between then and now, good thing though 7amdilla :)

Ok I am not sure I can remember everything lol but the main things are:

I threw a costume party at my new place to celebrate the move, it was great 7amdilla, the family came well dressed in creative costumes, the kids had a blast and we made a big colorful mess lol

Some pictures..

I'll post later about what I made for the party inshalla.

We then traveled to Jeddah to attend my friend's wedding, it was a very nice trip and a very good wedding mashalla, may Allah keep them happily ever after.
I said good bye to my friend who is traveling to Canada with her family, and I visited with my other friend in Jeddah and talked about the good old days.

My sisters were there too, both of them since I very long time , it was great spending time with them bonding , and I enjoyed every minute of it with dad and their mom and cats too..

They had two mashalla, but only one was a cutey , the kid loved it so much and we spent the evening cuddling it.

Ok, hmmm then what.. I bought lot's of new stuff for the home, after it all came in the place look more messy than before lol But I need to work a bit on re arranging the furniture and then on decorating inshalla.

Dad dearest got me a Blackberry, I love it so far..

And my cousin celebrated his boy's 7th birthday mashalla, it was a great party mashalla his mom is a very talented lady and we had a lot of fun :)

Oh and we went to bahrain twice, and watched lot's of movies, I loved inception, eclipse and the sorcceror's apprentice.. good ones :)

Ok I hope my next post will be sooner , but if not I wish everyone a Happy Ramadan :)

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