Tuesday, October 25, 2011

travel book detail

I said I would post it looong time ago, but I was busy feeling stressed out from my diet lol
But it is going well thank god, and I am about to reach my first of five mini goals, yaaay :D

So back to the book pages..

 and back: (using decorative tape I got from Daiso the Japanese store, love it )

And there is nothing new to share yet, I am preparing for 2 birthdays on November inshallah, and I am trying to do the endless job of de-cluttering in my tiny home, since It seems like I am about to be taken over by my stuff!!I need to stop buying new home accessories :(
Wish me luck !


Anonymous said...

wow, its my favorite childhood book.Even though I'm not into crafting but the job you've done is amazing.
Keep it up, and good luck =^).

Moka said...

يجنن تسلم يدك