Sunday, July 20, 2008

Something good

Well I have one small thing to talk about today, it might be small but in reality it is a big deal for me.. I finally had the will to start dieting again..

Yah I guess the trip had it's effects on me, so now I am joining my friend and her daughter in a diet system where they deliver 3 meals and a snack every day to the house. All I have to do is stick to what's been delivered and try to do some kind of work out to burn calories.

I started last Tuesdays and so far I am doing good mashallah in sticking to it. I feel sometimes like I wanna eat something big, something tasty.. But I don't.. And I am thankful to Allah for that. I need all the inner strength I can get to go back to being the old me, the me that was lost in the middle of the tension and despair I've been through..

And just to make things clear, my marriage wasn't all that, there were many many good times and happy memories which I will never deny or ignore.. But sometimes bad feelings creep into life unnoticed till one day you find it all over overpowering anything else..

Anyways, enough about negativity, it's time for being strong and positive.. wish me luck :)

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moonface1211 said...

انشالله تكمليه للنهاية وتعجبك النتيجه