Monday, July 20, 2009

Kids playing

Yesterday we went to the indoors amusement park in Rashid mall with some friends, the kids played a few games and had a good time.

I usually don't like going to those places, lots of waiting around and running after the little ones, but hey I have to do it every once in a while for the sake of my little princess, don't i?

She is an only child and it's hard for her in general when she wants to enjoy herself, so when I have an opportunity to go with other little ones I take it, so she can have fun with someone her age..

While we were there we saw this nice creature sitting calmly on his cage, my friend's girls played with him for a while, he was very cool about it..

All in all it was a good day 7amdillah.
I" leave you with my little princess and her sweet hair cut mashallah , she is starting to like it, I love it!!

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moonface1211 said...

ماشالله مرة حلوه عليها القصة كيوت وبناتية..وحاستها حقت سنها لما كان شعرها طويل كانها أكبر من عمرها يالله لو سمحتي حطي صورة قصتك خخخخ