Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A summer with kids..

I know I am with kids all year long mashallah, but this is the only thing that came to my mind when I wanted to write this post lol..

It's all about the fun times my kid is having with her friends, while I am having a good time with the mom too ;)

So lots of pictures, nothing much to say.. Enjoy..

watching a movie in the dark, eating snacks and being cute mashalla ..

Resting for a while after a few tiring visits to shops looking for shoes..

Posing after playing their favorite game, dress up..

Relaxing after a long day watching cartoons and snuggling.. cuuute :)

The loveliest furry creature mashallah, they have this bunny which they called lollypop ( I think :P) .. I love how he is standing on the plate eating.

It's so hot and we just feel like staying home and sleeping... But in between we are having a good time 7amdillah..

Which brings me to the most saddening news I have heard in a while, my second cousin, which is my age and is like a sister to me has just been widowed, her husband, died a few days ago suddenly in a bike accident.. It breaks my heart, for her and for their two little kids... I can feel some of her pain when she sees her kids asking about their dad, and when I think of all the changes she will have to make eventually.. It's not easy losing a husband in any way, but death is so much harder since there will never be a time to say good bye...
My heart and prayers are with her and their family.. May he rest in peace.. Allah yir7amu.

I don't want to end my post with sad news, but this is life... Both happy and sad moments... May all our days be happy inshallah..

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