Sunday, July 19, 2009

Looooooooong time no posts..:D

Well what can I say? it's summer and things are somehow slow here..they were busy for some time while my friend was planning for her sister's wedding ( congrats Mimi the pretty bride ) and I was helping a bit here and there.

It turned out to be a pretty party, I went there to help from noon and had a very good time, I have always enjoyed planning or help preparing for parties, and we had many things to work on ( My dear friend did a marvelous job mashallah organizing the whole thing, Allah yi36eeha al3afya) and the place was filled with workers of all kind, hotel staff and family of the bride.. It was crazy funny.

I only managed to get a pic of the stage in which the bride and groom were gonna sit on ( kosha in Arabic, dunno the name in English)

This is it after the bride's brother did the decoration himself, after ordering an extension and a step just a few hours before the actual party.. Told you it was crazy funny :)

She looked very cute mashallah , wishing them happiness for ever inshallah.

Then I just kind of went into sleepy mode, my back hurt a bit after the party I guess I managed to pull or push a heavy thing , yikes.. But 7amdillah it's not a very bad pain I can still move.. But nothing crafty to share, I feel out of talent suddenly lol. One of those phases I guess.

We had visitors from Jeddah and had a good time with them, my kid sure did ;)

That's all the news I have, I might go on vacation to Jeddah sometime soon , although for some reason I don't feel like going anywhere in this heat, except maybe to somewhere cool and green and nice... Ahhh Turkey... I wish.

Oh yah and I cut my hair VERY VERY short, it startles me when I see it in the mirror... Mom cut my hair to be more presice, I told her I want it short but it got shorter than I expected, but who cares it's hot and I am bored and it was always gathered anyways.. At least now I don't have to look for a hair band :P
And I made mom cut the kid's hair too looool she likes it and hates it at the same time, but I prefer it this way, I feel it better suits her age and personality..
Thank god hair grows back :P

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moonface1211 said...

حركاااات قص جماعي للعيلة هههههه
حمستيني ابا اشوفك بالشعر القصير ماقد شفتك بيه لاتسافري قبل لا اشوفه هههه