Friday, February 15, 2008

Meet hope..

She is my hope for a better future, a happier time where all I can feel is calm and secure.
She is what keeps me sane in an otherwise insane time..
She represents all the pleasures of crafting , all the therapy in making and finding joy in the smallest thing..
Not that she is that small..!

Well it started in a very dark night , and a darker mood, and in stead of sleeping, eating , crying or doing all three, I decided to hope for a creative evening, and there came hope.
That's what I called the doll in case you still can't figure it out..!

The pattern I got from an old book my dear uncle gave me when I was , I don't know, 12 maybe? and I used it only once, but I always admired all the toys in it.
So I just started making the doll, and after all the hurt fingers, the tears of frustration and the silent curses, I finally finished it a day later.

My girl loves it and claimed it to be hers, she even called it Batool, I still call it hope.
Her arms are always opened in a welcoming way , and I just had a thought that maybe she is like that because I sewed her arms upside down..! Or maybe she is welcoming me to visit a happier place where I can find a happier me... I prefer the second thought...


moonface1211 said...

حلوة تسلم يدك

Redrose said...

Crafting will keep your sanity during hard times I've tried it,it works...but don't forget praying,its best :)

Anonymous said...

7abebaty its vey cute and i whant one so when i feel lonly i go to her and have a hug from a non needy pesone...
sweety each one off us need a hope in her life and you maide yours let her halp you