Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bad Bad bad feeling...

7amdillah, I've been sick for a few days, I know , that is not an excuse for my long absence, and no I am not thinking of closing the blog.. It is still my outlet to the world.

I thought I had a cold but the doctor is thinking it might be allergy, although I never had those before in my life.. But it sure is a bad feeling.. Lots and lots of sneezing, head hurting every where possible and not possible and a huge feeling of general irritation.. and above all this I am having another womanly symptom to make me even more in pain..!
What to say but al 7amdulillah..

So in a happier note, Ikea has opened finally here, woooooopi, on the first and second day of it's opening we were there :) it wasn't announced that it's gonna open that day so it wasn't crowded.. And I managed to spend a lot of money on things for the upcoming princess's room which will take place in the current living room.. Since we don't really sit there anymore.
More on that later inshalah.

while we were there my little princess found herself a new furry friend.. She loved it so much that she insisted in carrying him all the time while we were shopping until we found her a kid's size trolley.. So cute mashallah :) please ignore the waste basket..:P

Our dear friend in Aramco camp had a thanksgiving lunch one day, and invited us all, it was my first thanksgiving lunch ever and I tasted some yummy traditional thanksgiving food.. It was a very nice day, mashallah as usual she outdid herself in everything, food and hospitality.. And the company was really fun. I am thankful for good friends.. and yummy food hehehe.

So hope to get back with better things to share inshallah, maybe when I start with remodeling the rooms.. till then, aaaaaaatchoooooooooo !!!

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Redrose said...

salamat wallah....waitng for the princess living room!!!!maybe then all the princes and princesses could play there lol!!