Saturday, November 15, 2008

Busy busy busy bee...!

Well it was a very busy two weeks.. I was planning my little girl 5th birthday party in a princesses tea party theme.. And if you know me well you know that I believe in taking care of the little details even before the major big things when it comes to party planning.. I keep having plans and ideas in my head and they keep multiplying by the minute and I end up needing a vacation after each party I plan lol
But I honestly enjoy planning parties, maybe that should be my thing.. And I didn't give my baby a party last year with everything I've been going through so this year it was a big thing.. ( next party will probably be when she turns 20!! )

So I will share the details with u in two posts.. one for the before the party and the next for the party itself.. And as for after the party.. Well just imagine a sick lady who can't move well and constantly taking pills of brufen..!

First I had to pick up a place, we don't have many suitable places to rent as a party room for the theme I need, so my friend suggested I use her house since everyone who is coming with their princesses are already her friends before they were mine too. So I thankfully accepted and started planning..
The invitations: I had the idea of a rolled message sent by a doves carrier like they used to do in the past.. so I got me six of those and they were ready to deliver the invites to the magical ball ..

The decorations: well it had to look like a castle, but with not much trouble , so I used lengths of sparkly pink tulle for a lot of the things around the house.. such as back of chairs, table tops and in the castle intrance I did around the room's real arched door..

Every little girl was to be given a goody bag ( I sewed those with striped pink fabric and filled them with everything i could find princess related - Disney princesses that is- but forgot to take pictures.. ouch)
A tiara and a wound, which I got from a discount store and changed a bit to suit my taste more

the boys had a sword and a crown..
For the table I got a golden plastic cover, Disney princesses plates and napkins and pink everything else..

For a napkin ring I finally used some of my stamping supplies and made cute little crowns stamped in gold with the initials of each little princess...

I bought many white feather boas and used those to decorate, over the dining table and the grooming table, where I put brushes, makeup and nail polish for the little princesses to get all dressed up before the tea party..

And for sure no princess can do without a throne.. I did one using an old chair, some gold and pink fabric and a back that I cut from a foam board and decorated with feathers.. Each little princess had her picture taken on the throne individually for the coming thank you cards I'm gonna send them inshallah one of those days..

And finally the party outfit... My little girl wanted to be princess jasmine which she loves so much, and we couldn't find any thing good in the stores so my mom made her one.. We used pink instead of the blue to go well with the color theme of the whole party, it was adorable, mom mashallah did a great job and our princess looked gorgeous mashallah...

Don't you think?
The pictures in the party aren't that good since the lighting isn't bright and I lost my battery charger of my camera.. so I did the best I can with photoshop...

Next post inshallah will be all about the party itself, so stay tuned..


moonface1211 said...

يععجبني ابداعك في الحفلات واهتمامك بالتفاصيل
حلو كرسي حق ياسمين الحفلة قصدي لوجين خخخ القصر الي عمد الباب بسيط واعطى منظر حلو

moonface1211 said...

نسيت اقلك كل سنة ولوجي طيبة