Sunday, November 16, 2008

The party....

We started the party after maghrib and the little ones were coming slowly but surely since then , and once they were here they were taken to the dressing room, had their hair done, make up put on and some nail polish too by my friend's daughter who was really my fairy that night helping me with each part of the party, and their maid...

then their picture was taken on the same throne, and they all looked so adorable mashallah.. even the baby princess ...
some of the pictures..

The tea party then started, we served tea(apple juice) in small glass cup and saucer, but i think they were still young to enjoy it lol or they were really hungry..
snacks, nuggets, burgers and donuts were served too.. and all the time music from Disney princesses movies were playing.. the kids felt special and had a nice meal..

Then the party kid opened her gifts and went oohing and aahing over them, they all were a hit with her, thanks everyone ..

Cake time was cute, the fairy helper decorated the cake with smarties and i put some colorful sprinkles and Disney princesses cake topper..

we sang happy birthday , and she blew the candles twice.. Then cut the cake and the kids obviously were too full to eat any and they all went to play for a while..

After that we played a few games, pass the poisonous apple which is played like the game hot potatoes with everyone sleeping when they end up with the apple and then waken up by a hershy kiss.. it was blast we played it twice.. and also we played the musical magic carpets, and pin the right sticker next to the right princess.. many prizes were gives and they all laughed and had fun.. but boy are kids loud mashallah!!!

After that we distributed the goody bags and hung the pinata which I got for the first time ever, I always watched them play with it in the movies and that was my first to really have one.. Each kid had a turn hitting it then we all pulled the strings together and the candy flew everywhere and kids went crazy collecting as much as they can.. again very fun..

The kids then had some quiet -does this word really ever describe kids??- time playing with their goody bags and eating their candies untill it was time to say good bye and go home..

7amdillah it was a very nice party which I hope everyone enjoyed as much as we did..
next year inshallah we will go to chili's..! lol


moonface1211 said...

مشالله شكلهم انبسطوا البزورة يعطيك العافية على الحركات شكلك تعبانة فيهم
عجبتني البنيادا

Redrose said...

mashallah perfect as always!!
I just wish this perfection could be applied in all other aspects of life:)