Monday, November 03, 2008

Nothing to share....

I know it sounds strange, but I really have nothing to share with the world.. The last month had me in a roller coaster of emotions and mood swings.. nothing new or important causing that change.. Just life i guess..

And now I'm in a very good mood 7amdillah since I can't remember when.. But still nothing to share.. I prefer to keep my reasons for myself.. but hey don't let your mind play games it's not a secret.. Again it's just life I guess :)

So I got a few new toys to play with , some stamps and papers and punches, haven't opened them yet but when I do inshallah I will share projects in pictures..
These days I am busy typing a few pages for a teacher friend who keeps bringing me more each day, maybe that's why I don't feel like typing here, my hands are hurting lol

So hope everyone is having a great time.. I'm missing some people hope to see u soon :)


moonface1211 said...

ادري وحشتك ههههه وحده مصدقة نفسها
انت كمان وحشتيني

Amanda - a fan from the other side of earth said...

Best of luck to you!!