Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beautifying my lamp..

Like always.. Crafting lifts the mood a bit. And I'm saying a bit because my mood was waaaay down and it needed more than just a finished project.. But that's not our topic tonight.

I'm here to talk about pretty things and how they are essential in feeling good. Some time back I happened to find a very inspiring blog. The lady in the blog was going through a divorce and she managed to make her situation a bit better by beautifying her life , and her surroundings. So inspired by her now, that I am going through my own rough time with divorce , I decided to take care of my rooms I'm living in , and try to always keep pretty and inspiring stuff around me.

I got this lamp when I went shopping to city plaza with N. It was great shape and size for my bed table and lovely black shade that works well with my room decor. But I felt something was missing.

So, a few of these and some time to kill...

And I managed to get the look I wanted...

Pretty, girly and with a touch of pink..

So what do u thing? Maybe it still needs a pink polka dot ribbon on the base?

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