Tuesday, April 15, 2008

more black&white

Less decoration.. nothing is done yet, I'm still just buying things and getting ready mentally to put them all together in the right time..

The other day I went shopping with my friend, N , you are so much fun to shop with, we should do that more often, I went with her but ended up with more things than what she got

So I got these nice pillows from city plaza..

And I got this laundry hamper from carrefour..

I like the surface of it, I might just use it to store unused things and put some candles on the surface.. dunno yet

And I found these in my old things, don't know what i am going to write when i wake up, a dream maybe? but it works well with the theme..

So they finally did the small tiny kitchen area in our side of the house, it's cute but nothing is done to the room yet so pictures inshallah once I do something in it..

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moonface1211 said...

nice things ;)