Thursday, April 03, 2008

Child of the week

My little one was the child of the week last week in her school, it's the first time I heard about such thing , but it seems something going on in all schools. So that last day she took goody bags for her friends and some donuts, and they all posed for some pictures .

With the girls..

With the boys...

Her dress was a gift from my mom's friend and the principle of the school. She loved it so much since it had wings and of course it is pink..

A few days ago I got her her first roller blades. They came with a helmet and knees ,elbows and hands pads in a Disney princesses theme , she loved it so much and was running in them mashallah in no time.

I'm glad she is better than me, I never could roller blade, ride a bicycle or do anything that needs stability , I've always had problems with my inner ears.

So hope every one is having a good weekend.


moonface1211 said...

ماشالله شكلها لوجي رهيب بالرولو بليد بس الله يعينك على الطيحات

ومبروك عليها الطالبة المميزة حلو الفستان الي بأجنحه تسلم يد ماماتك

Anonymous said...

I wish I could see the pics but they wont DL for me!!? Congrats on star of the week! I bet she was the cutest star in the school mashallah. And a few months ago I asked for a kareoke like micheles for my birthday next month! Its just like the one we used but smaller, and it has over 2000 songs on it, and every time you want more songs, you just go to the place and buy a chip with like another 400 songs on it. Im gonna do it and we'll kareoke all day! And thanks for the compliments, I used to be sooo much better Rosey pink. But smoking...ugh.
Take care!!