Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mood update..

I'll be out of my blue mood soon inshallah, and into my black one.. just kidding.

I am starting to do my so much delayed decorating, yesterday I finally got myself out of the house and went to Al Zamil, my favorite craft store to buy some materials (like I need any more!) and things I need to do my curtains.

I got the curtains long time ago, but they are all not the type of hanging I need them to be( tab top , is that the right name?) , so they will be needing a bit of altering.

You remember that I wanted things to be in a black&white and pink theme? well I am working hard on the black and white thing, since I loved the look of damask in the new home accessories trend I've seen a lot on the net, I decided to make it my new hobby to collect any black&white or damask (or both) things to fill my large, rather empty, light colored bedroom.

So what do you think of what I got so far...?

candle holders and glass plate from city max..

Curtains (city max) and cushion from geant

a small storage box

Table runner..

Tissues(for crafting) from the one in Bahrain..

Some medium sized vases from farm super market..

Can I fit this little gal too? why she is black and white isn't she? moooo

Do you think I have enough?
more on the room after I work on it inshallah..

So can you make a girl happy ? if any one sees something in black&white around would you please tell me? thanx


moonface1211 said...

كويس ماشالله بدأتي تسوي ديكوريشن في الغرفة
الأسود والأبيض مرة حلوين مع بعض يعطي الشي فخامة مهما كان بسيط ..حلو التغيير يالله نستنى الباقي ممكن تضيفي لون عودي كمان او عنابي

Anonymous said...

very nice mashaAllah..... iam so glad that you got out of youre blue state....i missed you so much and wish to see you in youre pink state..

real madrid