Friday, April 25, 2008

My new pink laptop... yaaaaaaaay

Life sure is better with pink around... I got myself a pink laptop. my first laptop ever and it's pink wooooopi what better can i do? pink pink how I love thee..

So I thought that i needed a laptop for when I go anywhere ( as if I do that much) and i was thinking about whether or not to get it.. I went to Jareer bookstore looking at all the pricey laptops and telling myself i just don't need one that high priced. and then suddenly my little girl started shouting "mom look pink laptops!" and that was the end of my thinking period.. I don't remember anything after that point.. (I can fake amnesia , but will it help?). Anyways I thought mom owes me a birthday gift so I convinced her to pay for half of it as my gift. I'm quite convincing when it comes to pink anything

So I'm very happy and excited 7amdillah.. mashallah it looks very pretty and like my friend ( who happened to get the same laptop at the same time) said it just makes u wanna work on it more. And here I am posting my first post from my pink laptop.

So I still don't know how to get my pictures in here (or I'm too lazy to try!) so I'm posting a picture I got from the net for the same laptop as mine..

Oh what a nice and cheerful color pink is.. yaaaaaaaaay

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moonface1211 said...

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