Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thank god it's Friday's

My little one is sick again, and that means more sleepless nights and worrying about her, plus she gets to be needy and clingy and easily irritated.. Well the last one is more me than her!

So last night my group of lady friends told me they are going to Friday's and asked me to come, who can say no to such great group? and there they surprised me with this...(I forgot to take pictures of it before i dug in, but then N reminded me to get one, thank god there was a brownie left untouched by that time..!)

I can't say it was a happy surprise where all the waiters sang happy birthday to Reem in the middle of the place..! but at least we aren't in Texas, right N ?

Actually it was a great surprise and it left me happy, one of the ladies couldn't make it and we felt bad for that, but we saw another one which we haven't seen in a while and I got some nice gift certificates and was treated for dinner.. What more can a girl ask for? 7amdillah

So I'm still feeling blue but I think it's starting to be a light blue.. lighter with each passing day inshallah. I just wish I can find my happy feet again and know what I want to do with my life right now.. wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Im glad you had fun, I know I did! And LOL I kinda wish we were in texas. I woulda loved to see you ride that horse on a stick. I think I might have to take you up on that offer of helping me rag my room...dont worry...just show me how and I'll do the rest...that's where I think things are heading!
I cant wait till you're not blue anymore. Dont worry. One day...You'll be pink again. I promise.
ps hope your kid is better.

moonface1211 said...

ههههههه اتخيل شكلك وهم يغنولك

بس حلوة المفاجآءت