Sunday, July 08, 2007

Almost done

For the first time I have a toilet with only a half tiled walls..! I was wishing for that for a long time (strange I know!) because I always wanted to do some decorative painting in a toilet.

Well I started with a gallon of purple paint I had from the first house that never has been used, and What was supposed to be a day's work of painting a small area , took me about a month! well of course I was working day on two weeks off, but finally it was done!

Then I found a very nice stencil template in a magazine (do it yourself for better homes and gardens) I liked that look and always wanted to do it, so I cut the shape on a stiff piece of plastic sheet and it was a pain! my fingers were so sore from pushing hard on the crafts knife to try to cut precisely all these tine delicate next to each other shapes.. But it was worth it..

I only did one shape to use on all the walls, I couldn't make another one because it was so hard.. so I had to work on the walls one by one.. and to my luck it was the only area in our central air conditioned that had no ac opening in it, so it is a hot and humid place in this hot and humid weather..!

I did the first three rows then decided it looked a bit crowded ( and it wasn't finishing fast enough for me!) so I changed the pattern a bit the next three rows..

I like what it became now, I still need to add a few more things and I want to age the look a bit with a blackish color wash..

One day soon inshallah..! Usually it takes me a lot less time than that to finish such a small project, but maybe I'm getting older!!

More pictures when the toilet is completely finished and accessoried.


ريال مدريد said...

ما شاء الله مرة حلوة تسلم ايدك.. بس ما كان استنيتي الجو يتحسن؟....

moonface1211 said...

مرة ماشالله حلو وأحلى على الطبيعه اللونين مع بعض يجننوا يالله نستنى لما تخلصيها كلها اكيد تطلع روعه

moonface1211 said...

على فكرة حلوة الحركة الي فوق كيف سويتيها؟