Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My second class

Was about frame making, I had 8 kids 4 of them were boys, and surprising for me boy kids aren't that bad to deal with, I thought they would be a bit annoying since it was a crafts class not a sports one, but seems that boys too love crafts, at least some of them.

We did three kinds of frames, one a papier mache decoupaged with mosaic like paper,

the second is a small wooden one covered with paper and embellishment..

The last one was made by using Popsicle sticks and some paint.. didn't take a picture because it was in the last day and time was running so fast we couldn't even finish decorating it, but I let the kids take some embellishments home and some just went wild..!

I think I'm starting to like teaching more, maybe it just need some getting used to.


Redrose said...

Teaching is a very rewarding job,besides all the ants and whales and beings will make duaa for you when you teach something good to anyone :)

moonface1211 said...

ماشالله مرة حلوين البراويز
تسلمي يا معلمتنا