Friday, July 13, 2007

Baby boy

My cousin gave birth on Wednesday to a very sweet baby boy mashallah, they named him Bilal.. Did I say he was sweet? mashallah he is so cute and tiny and babyishly adorable ( I think someone wants a baby..!just don't say that to my husband or he will have a panic attack)

So my aunt asked me to make something to put chocolates in and give to their visitors, I had to wait for the last minute to know if it was a boy or a girl, and that's what it looks like

Still no chocolates in them I have to go buy some, these days are super crazy busy for me and my husband doesn't like it much when we have to go places to get things ( you see women don't drive here and that's what we get most of the times we need things that are not important in their opinion..)

Anyways I made around forty of them and I had to use what I got because again, my husband wasn't really in the mood to take me.

So I just hope they like it, and I hope I can finish the one hundred and two things I have for these coming days without me losing my head..!


moonface1211 said...

تجنن حلوين اكيد حتعجبهم كلك زوووووق

Redrose said...

jazaki allahu khayran it was really nice of you..dont worry I called saadedine and they delivered some lovely blue foiled chocolates that had on each a sticker with a baby and the words ITS a BOY on them :)