Sunday, July 01, 2007

May Allah bless her soul

My best friend's mother passed away last night, my friend called from Jeddah this morning to tell me, I felt very sad for her, I wished I can be there next to her, she always has been there for me in every time I needed help, we met in university but it feels like I know her for ever, and I feel bad cause I haven't been the best friend that I should be, I don't call that much and I even forgot her birthday this year.. And yet she reached for me when she felt sad.. She is the best friend a woman can ask for and I just wish to allah to give her peace and strength to face this tragedy..

I knew her mom well, I knew most of her family, they are quite close mashallah and she was a very lovely lady.. Quiet and classy and kind. In her last years she developed a few illnesses that made her very tired, my friend was taking care of her at home and she would sometimes need to be hospitalized many times.she was going down health wise so fast the last months, but still it came as a shock to hear of her death.. May she rest in peace in heaven inshallah, they will be praying over her in Makkah tonight inshallah..

I hope that the coming days bring my friend all the happiness and joy and good things she couldn't get much of while she tirelessly kept taking care of her mother,,


Anonymous said...

اف اف نسيت عيد ميلادها
يارب ييسرلنا ربي ونروح مكة واشوف الحرم من زمان عنه
ان شالله تدعيلك صاحبتك ويفرج عنك يارب

Anonymous said...

والله يرحم ام صاحبتك ويغمد روحها الجنة يبغالك تواسيها

real madrid said...

الله يرحمها برحمته الواسعة.. و يصبرها ان شاء الله