Saturday, July 07, 2007

A weekend of shopping

Or window gazing..! some of this and some of that..
First we went to moonface's house for our ladies/kids gathering and there she showed me this jcpenny catalog with the most adorable pink tableware.. Yumm i want it so badly.. but the cost of shipping... Ah...

Then on Friday we went to Bahrain and I found some nice things.. A new addition to my growing collection mashallah..

And this i just love for my shower in the crafts room's bath..

For art supplies or my magical beans? I still haven't decided yet..

I saw this, but didn't buy it, but don't you just love pastel colors and polka dots ?

So, it's nice to shop even if you don't come back home with everything you liked.


moonface1211 said...

ان شالله تفرحي بالصحون البينكية

Redrose said...

well you can't beat pink now can you??its so uplifting and gives you a feeling of joy...remember that pink monkey I got u??well zainab got me one just like