Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Family visit

The last two days my dad and sis came to visit from Riyadh, (my sis from London) it was a very nice visit, we had lots of good times, and I really enjoyed having them..

We watched a movie (premonition) , we had taco for dinner, we went out for Italian food another day , we watched the finals of the copa America ( I slept through the final 10 minutes!) and they played a lot with my daughter which enjoyed their visit more than every one.

It's nice having family visits, I just wished it can be more often and that the rest of the family ( my baby sis and step mom) would come too, inshallah one day I will go back to visit them in London, it's been six years since I've last been there, and they've been inviting me all the time.

My sister invited me to join face book, and it's nice, at least this way I can keep in touch with my so very busy sisters.. I love the internet.


Redrose said...

yes family visits are the most fun...and children really benefit the most especially with aunts and grandparents.Louji needs a lot of extra attention especially with Tata away :(

moonface1211 said...

الله يخليكم لبعض