Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I have a collection

I actually collect many things, but most of the aren't considered collections since I collect them just because I can't resist buying them for their color or just because I might need an extra patterened paper..!

But this... I just love, and I can't use much since I'm scared something bad might happen to them.. It all started with these.. I bought these from zara home for 200 Ryals, and I just couldn't resist..

Then I found this ( along with that rounded thing with a lid on the above picture) in Giant stores hypermarket.. again I thought how cute they would look with the plates..

These I found at the discounted store Mishwar.. It's supposed to go in the kitchen but I just love putting them with the rest of the stuff..

Mom got me these last pieces from Dubai, I was so happy to receive them..

So you can see I love this off white lacy patterned things, if you find any in your way just let me know, I want the collection to be huge..!

( sorry the pictures are dark, we have a dark lower level of our home plus they are all inside the glass front cupboard or whatever it's called)

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moonface1211 said...

حلوة ماشالله كأنهم كلهم طقم واحد
بس استعمليهم لن فسك اذا تخافي تنكسر يعني يوم تبي تدلعي نفسك وتحسي نفسك انجليزية استخدمي الطقم ههههه