Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We are still here

Trying to catch up with the never ending , ever growing pile of laundry..

Even my girl had the urge to "wash" and hang her clothes to dry in our first clothes line that we set in the entrance of my crafts room, with kid sized wooden clips (dunno what's the right name for them) .. She even ironed every piece and hung them in her small plastic hangers in her wardrobe.

I guess we make a cute couple working together, me on my table and she on hers.
ok see you next month inshallah (August is tomorrow hehehe)

See the state of the room? it gets this way at least 3 times a day in between trying to tidy things up. Sometimes I think of turning this room into a play room since all the toys are here already.
But then I'll need another room for me. Maybe I'll take hers..!


Redrose said...

well u do make a fantastic couple but you seldom remember:(

moonface1211 said...

هههههه غرفتك صارت عفيسة احس تسويلك جو وانت تشتغلي عشان لا تطفشي
الله يحفظلك هي