Monday, July 02, 2007

Me.. A teacher..!

Imagine that, I teach craft classes at Aramco compound as a part of the summer program they are having, I just started my first class yesterday and it's a one hour card making class. First I was very scared and nervous, I can teach anyone who ask me everything I know.. Only if they ask. But to have people who paid for you to teach them exciting new things, well that's a different story. But they are a nice class, age ranging from 8 to 12 , seven girls, very excited just to be cutting and gluing and painting things..

It's a nice new experience for me, maybe a start for some career change (as if I already have one to change it!) and if everything goes like planned I will get paid money for it.. Not much but who cares, I'm having a good time mashallah..

So this is what we did yesterday, a work of one of the girls.. I provided all the material, colors matching and tools needed all in a small plastic envelope.

This is what we did today, some free form painting waiting to be put in a card form tomorrow inshallah..

So wish me luck with the rest of the classes, and if anyone wishes for a class for the kids, I'm there.. ( 100 ryals per hour hehehe)


moonface1211 said...

يالله بداية موفقه ان شالله تفتح لك ابواب الخير انا ما اتخيل نفسي ادرس اصلاً معرف ادرس اخوية فكيف بالناس الأغراب والله ماشالله شجاعه واقدام انك قدرت تتغلبي على مخاوفك
والى الأمام
خخخخ اتأثرت بالمدرسة

real madrid said...

iam so happy for you!!.. good luck!!.. :) " do you accept 3 year olds? :p)"

autum said...

This sounds like a wonderfully fun opportunity. How nice to be able to share something you love with excited young people.
The cards are beautiul, you must be a great teacher!

karamella said...

مبرووك يارورو على الوظيفه الجديده وعقبال ما يكون البزنس خاص فيكي يعني تدرسي في بيتك وانا اول الزباين
3 طلاب مشاغبين
بس اعمليلي ديسكاوند :)