Thursday, July 26, 2007

Window visitors

I've been observing this big bird ( dunno what it's called but it looks like a pigeon only prettier, not sesame street's big bird for sure) sitting there on the smallest nest ever over two tiny eggs for quite some time on our bedroom window sill, it was a very very quiet bird , and just patiently sat there waiting for her eggs to hatch ( is that the right word??)

So one day I was looking and I saw this..

The two baby birds (which don't look like babies!) waiting for their mom to return.. very cute I called my little girl - who shared my waiting - to see them and she was all " oooh nice birdies mommy" "can we play with them?" of course we didn't..

You just must notice that it's very hot in here , around 50 C degrees in the noon , and still the bird was warming the eggs..! I thought the heat was enough for them as it is..


Redrose said...

They are soooooo cute,didn't you take a picture of the mom??
Yes,hatch is the right word,your daughter will have a lot of fun watching them being fed by their mom ;)

moonface1211 said...

كل شي صغير حلو
بس مساكين من جد حر ان شالله بس ما يموتوا